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Grand Serenade
Location: Little Rock, AR


Grand Serenade was formed by Kyle Mays in 2001. Bassist Trevor Ware and Justin Seymore, drums, were recruited with no musical experience and esentially assigned instruments by Mays. Within a year the group frequented Little Rocks smaller clubs and bars. The lineup was rounded out early on by Jordan Trotter on lead guitar. All four member grew up together and attended school in Heber Springs.

Grand Serenade has played regularly in Little Rock and the surrounding region over the last seven years. Currently they are wrapping up their third studio album, "Lake Country".

Jordan Trotter is an engineer at Blue Chair studio on Cabot and has recorded hundereds of Arkansas artists.

Trevor Ware is currently playing full time with Big Boots, Mason Mauldins continuation of local favorites Sugar & The Raw.

Justin Seymore lives in LA and works in the film industry.

Kyle Mays continues to write songs that will eventually be recorded with his bandmates. He lives in Mount Vernon and enjoys gardening and playing golf on his families multi-acre ranch.