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Band NameAlbum NameLabelRelease DateWebsite
Brighter LaterepRing Road Records2007View Album
Brother Andy and His Big Damn MouthMystic Indian HitmakersThick Syrup Records2010View Album
BurgerLet it Rip 2012View Album
BurgerHumming a Snatch of a Tune 1996View Album
Canopy ClimbersDistances 2011View Album
Canopy ClimbersMiles 2013View Album
Charlie VirgoCharlie Virgo EP 2014View Album
Chase PaganBells & WhistlesEsperanza Plantation2009View Album
Chase PaganOh, Musica!Militia Group2007View Album
Collin Vs. AdamCenturies 2011View Album
Comfortable BrotherFools Gold / Fools Good 2014View Album
Damn ArkansanBrave Mistakes 2012View Album
Damn ArkansanDamn Arkansan 2011View Album
Damn ArkansanSave Yourself 2013View Album
Deas VailBirds & CagesMono Vs Stereo2009View Album
Deas VailAll The Houses Look The SameBrave New World Records2007View Album
Deas VailDeas VailMono Vs Stereo2011View Album
DuckstronautTabanid Camisade 2015View Album
Elise DavisAnother Lonesome Romance 2008View Album
Elise DavisThe Same Vein 2010View Album
Elise DavisCheap Date 2011View Album
Elton and Betty WhiteHard Deep Sex ExplosionRural War Room Records1989View Album
Ezra Lbs.s/tThick Syrup Records2012View Album
First Baptist ChemicalFirst Baptist Chemicalanthro.tv2011View Album
Flint EastwoodFlint Eastwood 2012View Album
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